Beaver's golden rain

The answer to the question, what is a beaver jet, is very simple. Both females and males of this animal species have a special gland, which is located in the pre-ductal region and looks like two sacs connected to each other. This organ contains the jet - a dense aromatic substance of brown color with a sharp characteristic odor, which is also called castoreum, or beaver musk.
Many healing properties are attributed to this substance, but official medicine notes only the ability of castoreum to increase the resistance of the human body to the influence of many harmful factors.
This tool is today widely used as an effective supplement in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases. These include heart and circulatory ailments, hepatitis, nervous malaise, and even some stages of oncology. Knowing how a beaver jet is useful, some people take it for general toning of the body.

Ingredients: tincture of beaver 's golden rain
Packing: glass bottle
Volume: 100 ml