Copy: Cartalin Cream

Cream "Kartalin" is a certified cosmetic product based on biologically active plant components of Russian production, which has: restoring, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. It has the certificate of quality of the European Union and is registered in the countries of Europe and the CIS. Since 2010, this cream has been included in the Russian official recommendations on dermatovenerology as a means to care for problem skin with psoriasis. Cream "Kartalin" is used for chronic dermatoses for more than 15 years. The clinical effectiveness of Kartalin cream has been confirmed by studies conducted in 130 institutions in Russia and the Near Abroad, in which more than 2,000 patients with chronic dermatoses (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, keratoderma) took part.

The drug is absolutely non-toxic, goes well with other psoriasis products and methods, and can be used in adults and children. On average, the application lasts from 1.5 to 3 months, depending on the prescription and prevalence of the disease. Using cream "Kartalin" allows you to produce on an outpatient basis, which significantly reduces the cost of the course and improves the quality of life.

- Upon completion of clinical trials, Kartalin Cream received a positive assessment, both by researchers and patients, which allows us to recommend Kartalin Cream for use in dermatological practice.
- Cream "Kartalin" has a restoring and bactericidal effect, reduces inflammatory reactions in the skin.
- Cream "Kartalin" can be recommended as an effective tool for the care of problem skin with psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, keratoderma, and also be part of the complex used in a hospital.

Cream "Kartalin" can be successfully used in combination with various types of physiotherapy (PUVA, SFT, excimer lamp, magnetic laser therapy).

Expiration date: 3 years
Packing: plastic tube
Weight / volume: 100ml.